Mobile media Buying Company

We are independent global media buying company

based in Switzerland.

With us you have best supply side platforms

available on RTB Market


Access to all Geo’s using our connection with top suppliers side platforms.

Advanced traffic planning, high performance from first day and until achieving goal.

Flexible CPV, CPI and CPA price model.

In house tracking solution for traffic analyze and macro optimization.

We use Programatic media buying  to make your business grow.

Android and iOs from App’s and Sites on any device.

Discover digital advertising universe

Digital advertising is so immense now, so many devices, so many channels and is easy to get lost in this universe. Now, it’s harder than ever to cut your client through the mayhem. To catch customers attention is won and lost with single click of a mouse. How do you reach them?  These are just some of the challenges of media buying in the digital age.


Every business has it’s own aspects, and professionals who are inside it, know better what works. Swiss Mobile media buying crew knows what is RTB eco-system. We can turn your ideas into reality, supporting you on all levels of production from start to finish. We bring together talented media buyers, copywriters, designers and developers to produce any type of content to catch consumers on whatever their device or channel.


Combining opportunities strategy and optimizing traffic performance  we maximize return of investments with every cycle. We love what we do and we continually investing in new audience research tools and technology – to turn impressions into clicks and after in installs and registrations.

We work with

Brand Awareness

Particular Projects

Affiliate Networks

Direct Advertisers

Advertising Agencies

5 reasons to work with us


We Build personal growth strategy for your business with media advertising.


We Launch only profitable campaigns without misses and gain value from the start.


We Monitor, analyze, optimize and bid higher for best publishers to gain solid conversion rate.


We Catch your customers on their favorite Sites and applications.


We Use IDFA and GAID to focus your devoted client everywhere in the world.

Some value numbers from us

7 Trillion RTB ad impression opportunities per month

99% Global response rate for all ad opportunities

15% cheaper than buying from DSP`s

We deliver 250 000 installs monthly


We maintain lasting partnerships with our customers in the fields of media, entertainment, brands, apps, and start-ups – always with great pleasure.

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